Eyelash Extensions

Marilyn Feldman, M.ED LCSW  LMFT

is an advanced eyelash extension technician with over ten years of experience in fulfilling the principles of lash design.She is certified through the top tier company of Lavish Lashes in both Basic Technique and Safety as well as certification in Advanced Comprehension.

She brings a knowledge base and skills set that encompasses traditional application procedures along with the newest and most up to date and current "know how" that far surpasses other salons in Coronado for quality and professionalism.

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Here are some of the reasons why choosing our salon is your best choice in San Diego:

* The choice of the correct lash for each client is based on the "Do's and Dont's" of shape and lash thickness with consideration given to weight and balance. Determining your eye shape and choice of design you would like and building the frame that best suits your face is essential. Marilyn's inventory of premium eye lash extensions is 100 % extensive including the newest option of Ellipse lashes, 1, 2 and 3 D options, colored lashes for highlights, both traditional black AND clear adhesive options as well as lower lash eye lash extensions. Other salons most often use stock lashes and lengths that are not necessarily the correct fit for individuals. No other salon options exists or compares for creativity for both instant and long term results

* Or eyelash extensions look, feel and wear like your own lashes. Since they are semi permanent, they last several weeks, are great for special occasions and regular daily wear, are water resistant-shower and swim worry free and are applied in a relaxing procedure and atmosphere.

* Our salon etiquette is based on the theory that great lashes don't just happen-they happen by appointment. When making your appointment, Marilyn will do a preliminary "interview" with you over the phone re: medical history that may/not affect your ability to get lash extensions, what to do before coming to your appointment, discussion on pricing for type of lash extension provided for full set and touch-ups and will provide you with a detailed and in depth explanation of what the application process involves. NOTE: Clients in recovery or remission from cancer treatments may/not be ready for lash extensions.

Price points range from $130-175 for full sets depending on choice of mink, silk, combo mink and silk or faux/synthetic lash extension types. Most full/complete sets take 2.5 hours or less.

Fills range in price from $ 60.00-80, if client comes in with at last 50% full set still in tack. Less than 50% may require a new full set. You should notice that extensions generally last 3-5 weeks depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes and, most importantly, your care and maintenance between salon visits. Fills and touch-ups are recommended every 3-5 weeks, depending on the type of lash applied. This procedure usually take 1.5 hours or less.

Lash removals are done only for our lash clients as Marilyn does not remove lashes applied by other technicians. However, she will do touch ups based on 15 minute increments of hourly rates. Removal rates are based on increments of the hourly rate you have chosen for your extension type For colored/highlight lashes, please add $15.00 to your service.

We look forward to providing you with our most excellent lash extension services.