Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics is for women who want to save time and money, and want freedom from frequent makeup applications.

Personalized color selections are available to give you a fresh and natural look that will last for years (time varies).


Who benefits from permanent cosmetics?

  • Busy people who have little time for daily makeup applications.
  • People with allergies to conventional makeup.
  • People with poor vision, or contact lens wearers.
  • Those physically incapable of applying makeup.
  • Those inconvenienced by touch-ups after a day in the sun, tennis, or swimming.

It's hard to imagine anyone who would not benefit from waking up and looking great. Permanent cosmetics can bring out the natural beauty in women of all ages!

Safety Standards

Your technician has met the highest standards for safety, sterilization and technical ability. Only single service disposable needles are used during your procedure and disposed of properly following strict OSHA regulations and guidelines.

All technicians are encouraged to attend all professional permanent cosmetic conventions and educational conferences to excel to a higher level of education.

You can be confident knowing your technician follows these guidelines and you will receive the highest quality of service and care possible.

Permanent Cosmetic Services

Perfect for the client with sparse eyelashes, a soft, natural line in the lashes creates a fuller lash appearance or a thicker line for the more dramatic look, the choice is yours.


Lips can be naturally lined for a more defined look with any shade from natural to full lip color and small lips can be made fuller with a pouty look. Asymmetrical, faded lip borders can easily be corrected along with scars that may have altered the natural contour of your lips.


We can create a eyebrow for the woman or man who has none of just fill in to enhance a sparse brow to look totally natural. Remember, the eyebrows frame your face and are the most important part of your expression and appearance.

Areola & Breast Pigmentation

Areola and breast pigmentation is a procedure for those who have had breast reconstruction from these procedures can easily be brought back to a natural appearance.


Scars can be camouflaged by using skin colored pigments to scarred or de-pigmented areas. Colors are blended to closely match your natural skin tones.

Look Your Best!

Permanent cosmetics have helped many people feel better about themselves. Remember – It’s a wonderful feeling when you always look your very best.



Most Commonly Asked Questions About Permanent Cosmetics

What is ‘permanent cosmetics’?
Permanent cosmetic is the process of implanting color into the dermis layer of skin with the use of a specially designed and approved instrument.

How long does the procedure take?

Each procedure will take between one and two hours. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled four to six weeks afterward.

Is the procedure painful?

A topical anesthetic is used which makes the procedure far more comfortable than anticipated.

I have very thin or sparse eyebrows will this look natural?

Yes. Permanent makeup looks more natural than eyebrow pencil lines. A hair stroke technique is used to simulate natural brow hairs or a soft fill-in effect can also be used depending on your preference.

How long do permanent cosmetics last?

This procedure is permanent, although some clients will experience some fading and will choose to return for touch-ups. This is typically done at three to five years.

What colors should I choose?

There is a right color for everyone so take into consideration your natural skin color, air color and eye color but soft, natural color is always preferred.

Will I have to take time off work?

No. After the procedure you will have minimum swelling and redness. Ice is used to reduce the swelling and an antibiotic cream is applied for several days.

Can I wear makeup after this procedure is done?

We prefer you do not wear any eye makeup until your procedure heals which is usually between 4-7 days.

What about sterilization?

Only single-use, sterile needles are used. All other equipment is either discarded after use or sterilized. All guidelines are strictly followed in accordance with the C.D.C. (Center for Disease Control)